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Duncan Ball

I interviewed Duncan Ball for the ‘meet the author’ section in issue 2 of Alphabet Soup (due out in February 2009). When issue 1 was published I sent him a copy, so he could see what he was in for (naturally we hoped we wouldn’t get an email saying ‘I hereby remove previous consent to have interview appear in your publication. D. Ball’.)

As it happened, he must have thought AS came up to scratch – he sent a handwritten note of support and goodwill.

Thanks Duncan!

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Writing competition closes 21 November 2008!

Entries for the first children’s writing competition are keeping the post office staff busy filling up the PO Box! The competition closes on 21 November, so if your budding writer hasn’t sent something in yet, tell them to get to it! There are three age categories: ages 6 & 7, ages 8 & 9 and age 10.

Book voucher prizes! Kudos! And the possibility of having their winning entry published in Issue 2! They don’t have to subscribe to the magazine to enter, but there are some rules to read before posting in an entry. Go to and click on ‘competitions’ for more info.