Welcome to Alphabet Soup

We printed the first issue of Alphabet Soup magazine in 2008. The print magazine has closed and we are now a website for kids who love books and creative writing!

On our website you’ll find:

  • book reviews by kids (for kids)
  • author and illustrator interviews
  • a list of writing and art competitions for kids

Are you still in primary school? We’d love to consider your book review for publication on our website, so check out the submission guidelines and email us your reviews!

From 2014, all the book reviews on this site are written by children. We no longer accept self-published books for review at Alphabet Soup.

Please read our book review policy on the Contact Us page.

Illustrations on this website prior to 2014 are copyright Greg Mitchell. 

We’re excited to announce that our book-publishing arm is now up and running. Alphabet Soup Books will release an anthology of poetry for children in early 2024. Stay tuned!