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Young Writers in Action: Monkey Island in Cat Ba, Vietnam

Monkey Island in Cat Ba, Vietnam
Elizabeth, 6, NSW

We went swimming, kayaking and visited Monkey Island. Dad and I kayaked into a tunnel. We could see the other side, so we went straight through.

There at Monkey Island my brother was standing on the beach and a monkey ran up behind him and bit him on the ankle!

My brother was okay. It was a good day.

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FIRE (Young Writers in Action)

by Anishka, 9, QLD

The blazing flame,
Is never the same,
Cutting through the wood,
In its usual fairy mood.
Smoke fills the sky,
The fire destroys anything in its way,
The flame spreading on the road.
The fire has a feeling,
Which goes over the ceiling,
Anger and fury, hot and burning.
The rain soon makes its way,
Giving a single sun ray.
Coolness all around,
Blackness on the ground.
Fire has finished.
Rain has won,
What a mystery on its own.

Anishka is a regular contributor to Alphabet Soup. You can read her earlier work here.

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TOP READS: February 2019

Welcome to the first Top Reads post for 2019! Every month–from February to November–members of our Top Reads team recommend their favourite reads for the month. Add these books to your reading list, and head to your nearest library or bookshop. Read on!

You’ll find a recommended list from our Top Reads Team on the last day of every month (February to November). If you’d like even more recommendations, browse all through all our Top Reads ever!

*All our Top Readers are kids aged 13 and under. No grownups allowed!

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Introducing the 2019 Top Reads team


Image: pile of books. Image from

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the 2019 Top Reads team.

What is the Top Reads team? Members of this team are keen readers who stop by each month to recommend a favourite read for the month, and they’re all kids like you!


Anna, 10, VIC
Anna loves using technology at school and learning about science and the environment, issues she cares deeply about. She likes to read fiction and non-fiction books about animals because she has three pets at home – two cats and one dog. Anna’s hobbies are tennis, swimming and gymnastics.

Xavier, 10, NT
When he’s not reading, Xavier enjoys riding his bike, swimming and playing soccer. He is obsessed with video games, especially Yo-Kai Watch! When he grows up Xavier wants to be a doctor.

Lewis, 10, WA
Lewis loves reading, particularly entertaining/funny books and adventure stories. When he isn’t reading he loves music, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lego, scooting, fishing, kayaking, and playing with his younger brother.

Matilda, 10, NT
Matilda loves fiction, fantasy and mystery books, and hery favourite series is Harry Potter. She loves all school subjects. She’s into netball, swimming and dance, and she’s also the junior school dance captain.

Céití, 9, WA
Céití loves spending time with her chocolate labrador Flynn. She enjoys all sorts of reading and writing, playing her violin, cooking and playing water polo. Her favourite series at the moment is Harry Potter, and her favourite book is Whimsy and Woe.

Anishka, 9, QLD
Anishka loves writing poems and reading books. She started composing her own poems when she was 4 years old. She is  involved in raising funds for Heart Research and Foundation through ‘Jump Rope for Heart’. She is also involved in a meditation group in the community.

Fergus, 9, WA
Fergus loves to play Lego with his brother, ride his bike, code, play with his dog and read. His favourite genres are action, adventure and magic. He has three favourite series: Ranger’s Apprentice, Brotherband and Harry Potter.

Albie May, 7, NSW
Albie May loves funny books — like Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas (which is about a vegetarian piranha) as well as books with made up words in them. She loves reading funny jokes out loud from The Ha Ha Bonk Book.

Rory, 7, WA
Rory loves to spend his day playing Lego, reading, coding and riding his scooter. His favourite authors are JK Rowling, Sally Rippin, Andy Griffiths and Jack Heath. His best place to read is in his bunk bed. When he grows up, he wants to be an archaeologist.

Look out for the first book recommendations for 2019 on the last day of February!

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Young Writers in Action: The Boy with no Talent

by Caitlyn, 9, NSW

Charlie looked like the rest of his family – tall, dark-headed with greenish, bluish eyes – but the unique thing about him was that he was … normal!

Yep. All of his family had a special talent. For instance, his mum was a famous cook and his sister knew LEGO like the back of her hand but Charlie was just plain normal. People said he would find his talent soon enough but he had now waited eleven years for that moment and he was doubting that he had a talent at all. Charlie lived on a planet called Zog where everyone had a talent. He often thought of running off to a distant planet called Earth where he wouldn’t stand out.

Child partially hidden behind a stack of library books. Photo from pexels.comAs Charlie trudged to school one morning thinking about the teasing he would face, he bumped into his teacher, Miss Primrose. She excitedly told him about a talent show for showcasing the students’ talents. Charlie anxiously asked if it was compulsory and unfortunately it was. So that’s how Charlie ended up in the school library, searching for a book that would help him find his talent in time for the show. He made a list of possible talents.

Over the next few days, Charlie tried everything from kung fu to talking to animals. The days drifted by; a week and it’s not gymnastics; five days and it’s not swimming; three days and it’s definitely not cake making. By the time Charlie had two days left, he had almost given up hope.

Charlie sighed. One more thing to try … sprinting. It probably wouldn’t be his talent. After all, he hated cross country and triathlons were definitely not his favourite but he still got his dad to time him sprinting 100m. One minute and forty seconds. Dang it! That wasn’t Charlie’s talent either. His first four legs were co-ordinated, but legs five and six? Well, not so much.

“One day left,” was Charlie’s only thought as he dragged himself to school the next day. As he slumped into his seat at the front of the classroom his mind drifted to tomorrow where he would be humiliated beyond belief.

“A special announcer will announce all of the acts, but not do one themselves,” stated Miss Primrose.

Had Charlie heard correctly? Could it be possible?
Miss Primrose continued, “The person to announce will be … Charlie!” Charlie’s mind was buzzing. He really could just announce?
“I would love to!” he exclaimed.

On the night of the talent show, Charlie wasn’t scared at all. He was excited. As he started speaking, the words seemed to flow easily out of his mouth. It was amazing. The audience was dumbfounded and his parents beamed with pride. He had found his talent.

So that was how the boy with no talent ended up as a public speaker, prime minister and dad to three delightful children. All with a talent!

This is Caitlyn’s first story for Alphabet Soup. To send us YOUR story, poem, artwork or book review, check out our submission guidelines.

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Book review: Mercy Watson to the Rescue

Mercy Watson to the Rescue by Kate DiCamilloREVIEWED BY KALEIGHA, SECOND GRADE, MISSOURI, USA

Mercy Watson to the Rescue by Kate DiCamillo, Candlewick, ISBN 9780763645045

Do you love reading books with funny characters? Well then you’ll love to read about Mercy Watson. Mercy Watson is a pig who likes to eat hot buttered toast. She’s hilarious!

Do you like to read Mercy Watson to the Rescue?  I love it. Chapter 1 is very good. For example, on the first page Mercy is getting put into bed. Tell me, isn’t that a funny story?

Second grade students at Glenridge Elementary School (Missouri, USA) have been guest reviewers at Alphabet Soup over the past few weeks. Click here if you’d like to read more book reviews by Glenridge Elementary School. To send us YOUR book review, check out our submission guidelines. Happy reading!

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Book review: Harry Potter series

Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stoneREVIEWED BY ALINA, SECOND GRADE, MISSOURI, USA

Harry Potter series by JK Rowling, Scholastic, ISBN 9780439136358

Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling is the best series in the galaxy because Harry, Hermione, and Ron, who are the main characters, go on adventures and there’s always mysteries in the school. Like … when they the found the sorcerer’s stone. Another reason why I like it is because they do magic! Here are some examples of magic from book: 1.

  1. The healing bird appears
  2. The Griffindor sword appears out of nowhere in the chamber of secrets.

My favorite characters are Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, and Ron Weasley. My least favorite characters are Voldemort and Malfoy and my least favorite house is Slytherin. I would rather call it Loserin. J.K.Rowling made a lot of other books and movies too!

Second grade students at Glenridge Elementary School (Missouri, USA) are guest reviewers at Alphabet Soup. Click here if you’d like to read more book reviews by Glenridge Elementary School. To send us YOUR book review, check out our submission guidelines. Happy reading!