We are open to submissions of work by children (aged 12 and under) for publication on the blog! We will consider your short stories (800 words or fewer), poetry, plays, artwork and book reviews. 

If you’d like to send your work for consideration, please read the following guidelines. We will publish the best work on the blog.

You no longer need to include a cover sheet (permission form) with your work but your parent or guardian will need to write a short note* saying ‘I give permission for XX’s work to be published online’ and sign it. And they need to include an email address and a parent/guardian’s mobile phone number so that we can notify them when your work will be on the blog.

*The short note can be typed in an email. If we are unsure about the email address we will call the mobile phone number to confirm the email has come from a parent/guardian or teacher. We want to make sure we have permission before we put your work online!

Work can be emailed with your first name, age and state (or country if outside Australia) to

or post it to PO Box 3099, Broadway Nedlands WA 6009, AUSTRALIA.

Information for teachers

If your class has written reviews, poems, or stories all on the same topic or theme, please send us a selection of the best. We are unable to publish 30 pieces on a similar theme.

When you email us your students’ work, please:

  • obtain permission from students’ parents before sending us their work.
  • state that you are the teacher and you have parent permission for those students to have work published, if selected.
  • include each student’s first name, age and state (or country if outside Australia).
  • email submissions to or post to PO Box 3099, Broadway Nedlands WA 6009, AUSTRALIA.

We DO accept submissions of collaborative work – stories, artwork, poems, plays and book reviews written by two or more children … or the whole class.

Thank you for encouraging your students’ imaginations!

If your work is accepted for publication on the blog, we will publish your name, age, and state (and country, if outside Australia), unless you advise us otherwise.

There are some subjects that are not suitable for Alphabet Soup. We will not publish writing that includes violence, swearing, or content that we consider is inappropriate for our readers.