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Book reviews by Duncraig Primary: Day 2 Pt 1

Duncraig Primary School (in WA) has sent us some year 5 students’ book reviews.* We’ll be posting two reviews a day for the next 5 days so stay tuned!

Rowan of Rin, by Emily Rodda. ISBN: 9781862915350, Scholastic Australia.

"Rowan of Rin (cover)"Reviewed by Erin, age 11, Duncraig Primary.

This book has all you need in a gripping story about a boy, a mysterious mountain, unknown dangers and maybe even a … dragon! The book is based in a quiet village called Rin, with a very tall overlooking mountain. Something has stopped the river from flowing down to the village so Rowan, the scaredy cat of the village, has to be accompanied by six other companions to try to see what the problem is.

You will love this story if you love adventure and drama. This book also has long and exciting chapters that will blow your mind. It has a beautiful cover illustration by Jane Tanner, with Rowan, and the mountain overlooking him in the background.

Is there really a dragon at the top of the mountain or is it the villagers’ imagination?

Rowan of Rin is suited for children from ten years and up. If I loved this book, I’m sure you will too.



"Undercover Readers Club logo"*Duncraig Primary is a member of our Undercover Readers Club. Books reviewed here are the students’ own.