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Book reviews by Duncraig Primary: Day 4 pt 2

Duncraig Primary School (in WA) has sent us some year 5 students’ book reviews.* We’ll be posting two reviews a day for the next 5 days so stay tuned!

Toy Story 3: Book of the film, by Jasmine Jones. ISBN 9781407583891, Parragon Book Service Ltd.

"Toy Story 3:  Book of the film (cover)"Reviewed by Alex, age 10, Duncraig Primary.

This book is a fiction because it has live toys in it and it’s cartoon.

Setting: Sunnyside day-care, Andy’s house, the tip, 2010.

Plot: Andy tries to decide what to do with his old toys when he moves to college. They get taken to the day-care centre where the children damage them and the other toys are evil. They try to get back home to Andy’s but they have to get past some obstacles like being trapped in a cage.

The main characters are Buzz (a superhero), Woody (a cowboy), and Lotso (a nasty teddy bear).

Theme: It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can always play with baby toys.

The point of view is first person. The author wrote this book because maybe when she went to college she had to give away her toys. I liked this book because I thought I was in another world playing with the toys and sometimes being the toys and it was also a bit sad which made it good and it was funny and cute.

It was also interesting and had a lot of detail and made me want to play with my toys a lot more.


*Duncraig Primary is a member of our Undercover Readers Club. Books reviewed here are the students’ own.

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