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George and Ghost–book review and giveaway!

We recently interviewed Catriona Hoy about her new picture book, George and Ghost. Today we’re reviewing George and Ghost—and you can win a copy, too!

George and Ghost by Catriona Hoy and illustrated by Cassia Thomas. Published by Hodder Children’s Books, ISBN 9780340988862. 

(A review copy of this book was sent to us by the publisher.)

"George and Ghost"George and Ghost are friends but George isn’t sure he believes in Ghost anymore. When George suggests that Ghost isn’t real, Ghost asks him to prove it. Can something be real if it doesn’t weigh anything, you can’t take its photo, and it doesn’t take up space?

Just when you think George has proved that Ghost isn’t real, Ghost comes up with some interesting questions of his own. This is a picture book that will have you asking your own questions, scratching your head and thinking hard.

Cassia Thomas’s colourful illustrations match the story well and you’ll love George and his ghost friend … whether Ghost is real or make-believe.

This is a story about friendship—with a good helping of philosophy and science thrown in!

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We have one  copy of George and Ghost to give away. To enter, simply email your name and postal address to and put ‘George and Ghost’ in the subject line. We will draw the winner at 5.30pm (WST) on Friday 17 June 2011. We will email the winner and the book will be posted to the winner’s postal address as per the email entry. Good luck!

[This giveaway has now closed. The winning entry drawn was S Burton in Victoria. We have emailed the winner and copy will be posted to them on Monday. Thank you for your interest—you can find out more about George and Ghost on the author’s website.]

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  1. I recently and accidently came a cross this book in a book shop and flicked through it quickly. Great storyline and lovely illustration!

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