Book Review: The Adventures of Charlie and Moon

The Adventures of Charlie & Moon – Book 1: Facing the Quincequonces by Martin Meader, ISBN 9780981491011, Crow Flies Press

Reviewed by Vincent, 7, NSW*

The Adventures of Charlie & Moon (cover)

The night before his birthday, Charlie receives a magic present from a man named Bizz-Buzz and a dancing ticket collector named Doreen Tremblingknees. He promises not to open it until his birthday.

He breaks his promise and the present turns into a book that makes him and Moon, the eagle, part of a funny adventure story involving Quincequonces, Thunder Eggs, the evil Skunk Weavel and Snarlies.

I really liked this book (it’s the first of a trilogy) and recommend it to kids 7–15.

"Undercover Readers Club logo"* Vincent is a member of our Undercover Readers Club. (Download information about the club on the magazine’s website.) A review copy of The Adventures of Charlie & Moon was provided by the publisher.