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Young Writers in Action: Brooklyn Bridge Poem

Brooklyn Bridge Poem

by Arya, 10, Ridge Road Elementary School, USA

The Great East River Bridge
….John Augustus Roebling designed

Stood up high and tall,
….Held together by iron strings confined

Connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn,
….While in the river swim the fins

As the towers touched the sky,
….The birds soar and fly

The traffic of cars, vans, and buses move on,
….As the conversations on the walkway carry on

In the morning the bridge is a road to success
….At night it takes us home to rest!

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1 thought on “Young Writers in Action: Brooklyn Bridge Poem”

  1. Arya, I have never seen the Brooklyn Bridge in real life, but your poem painted a word picture for me. I specially like “iron strings” and the way you helped me hear all the sounds too. Loved it!

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