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Book review: Fortunately, the Milk

Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman, ill. Chris Riddell, Bloomsbury, ISBN 9781408841792

fortunately, the milk


Jake received a review copy of this book from the publisher.

This was a good and funny book. It’s about a dad who needs to get milk because there’s none left in the house, and he goes through a crazy adventure, because when he gets the milk weird things happen. There’s time travel in it, and pirates. There are also dinosaurs.

I liked the characters in it. It wasn’t very suspenseful, but that wasn’t a bad thing. It had excellent pictures, though it’s a chapter book. If you don’t like crazy or funny things you probably wouldn’t enjoy this book.

It’s good for people who are 6 to 9 years old, who like crazy things.

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  1. Great review, Jake. I love ‘Fortunately, the milk…’ and agree that even though there isn’t a lot of suspense, it is lots of fun to read because of all the crazy things that happen. It’s not every day you find a book that has dinosaurs AND pirates AND aliens AND time travel (and milk, of course).

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