Top ten reasons to attend a book launch

If you’ve never been to a book launch, add it to your ‘To Do’ list now!

In no particular order, here are our top ten reasons to go along to a book launch:

  1. MEETING THE TALENT. Meet the author and illustrator.
  2. NEW BOOKS. Buy your own copy AND READ IT while it’s hot off the press.
  3. BOOK SIGNINGS — get the book signed by the author or illustrator (or both!).
  4. INSTANT FAME! While the author or illustrator is signing your book is the perfect time to take a photo. Get in the photo too. Famous!
  5. THE DOOR PRIZE. Not every book launch offers a door prize, but some do! You could win stuff just by turning up.
  6. TALENT SPOTTING. Keep your eyes open for other authors and illustrators in the crowd. While you’re waiting to have your book signed you might even chat to one standing in the queue in front of you. More photos!
  7. IMPRESS YOUR TEACHER. You can impress everyone by talking about the book launch during ‘News’ in class the next day. (The new book makes a good prop, especially if you had it signed. And of course, everyone will admire photos of you with VIP authors and illustrators.)
  8. HANDY TIPS. The book creators will usually talk about where their ideas came from. That could be handy for your own writing or illustrating. (Plus you’ll learn what to put in a Book Launch Speech for when you are launching your own book someday.)
  9. MORE NEW BOOKS. Buy another copy. And another one. Ask the author or illustrator to sign it  “To [your friend’s name]”. Birthday presents sorted!
  10. BOOK LAUNCH CAKE. Quite often there’s cake. Who doesn’t like cake?

Keen to go to your first book launch? Good news! There are book launches happening all over the country. Check out the BOOKISH EVENTS tab on our blog for news of upcoming book launches near you.