Young Writers in Action

Young writers in action: Sophie Saves the Day


by Natasha, 7, ACT

 “Wake up, wake up” screeched Harry. Sophie rolled out of bed and laughed until she cried, for her little brother had just started to talk. Sophie had a wonderful dream about painting. She was going to be an artist!

 Sophie painted (without hesitating) an amazing painting. All it had was plants, but hidden in the plants were animals. Sophie liked it so much she jumped into the picture!

 When Sophie was safely in the painting, she noticed she had different clothes on and in her new pocket she found an object that said in sparkling letters: ice freezer: this can freeze your enemy. After a talk with nature for an hour, Sophie caught a glimpse of a gust of flame. She was alarmed because it was killing all the animals and plants! Suddenly, a tall figure appeared in front of Sophie.

 “Well, who have we got here?” he rumbled. Sophie gasped in horror. The tall figure was spikey, it was dressed in red robes. It had fire coming out of its ears. It felt hot and it had a badge that said ‘Jim Burning, The King of Fire’. Sophie was angry about him, so she got out her ice freezer. With perfect aim, she froze him. Jim Burning fell to the ground, for he was dead.

Sophie climbed out of the painting and lived happily ever after.

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