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Book review: Alice-Miranda at the Palace

Alice-Miranda at the Palace by Jacqueline Harvey, Random House Books, ISBN 9780857982728

Alice-Miranda at the palace


A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

In this book Alice-Miranda is invited to Queen Georgiana’s silver jubilee (Queen Georgiana is her great-aunt). There’s going to be a ball, a dinner and outdoor games, but when Queen Georgiana and her workers find threatening notes from an anonymous person, they try to keep Alice-Miranda at the palace as long as they can.

Will they be able to stop the culprits before they take over the crown, and kidnap Alice-Miranda?

This is the eleventh book in the Alice-Miranda series and I enjoyed it because it was a mystery story. Fans of Alice-Miranda will like this book because it’s got the usual — Alice-Miranda in another stranger-than-usual adventure.

I recommend this book for girls aged 7 to 12 who like a mystery — and for girls who are already fans of Alice-Miranda.

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