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Book review: Tales of Wisdom and Wonder


Tales of wisdom and wonder

Tales of Wisdom and Wonder, retold by Hugh Lupton, illustrated by Niamh Sharkey, Barefoot Books, ISBN 1905236840

Matilda reviewed her own copy of this book.

This is a book of old folktales from different countries. The stories are Haitian, Cree, English, French, West African, Russian and Irish. It comes with a CD so you can listen to the stories as well as read. There are seven folktales in the book and my favourite was ‘The Curing Fox’ (it’s Cree) because it’s like an old memory and I like listening to the CD of it best because it’s kind of poetic. Before I saw this book I had never come across these folktales.

There are more words than pictures on each page but I like the illustrations, they are easy to see. I like how the colours are not normal colours you see in a picture book — there are dark colours and colours that make you feel cold. The artist has used simple shapes and they suit the stories.

People who like fairytales, folktales and animals would like this book. Six to ten year olds would like it best and it can be relaxing to listen to Hugh Lupton telling the stories on the CD.

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