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Book review: Alice-Miranda in the Alps


Alice Miranda in the Alps

Alice-Miranda in the Alps by Jacqueline Harvey, Random House Australia, ISBN 9780857982742

Matilda reviews her own copy of this book.

Alice-Miranda is a very bright girl with a big imagination. She solves a lot of mysteries and is liked by nearly everyone. This is Book 12 in the series, and Alice-Miranda goes on holidays to Switzerland with her friends Jacinta, Sloane, Millie, Lucas and Sep. They only planned to stay at Fanger’s Hotel but when they find that they have to stay an extra week in Switzerland, they decide to visit Alice-Miranda’s uncle’s hotel — the Grand Hotel Von Zwicky, and help him out. Alice-Miranda is suspicious to find Frau Doerflinger now appears to be staying at the hotel when the hotel was supposed to be full.

This was one of my favourite Alice-Miranda books because I have just been through the Alps.

People who already love Alice-Miranda books will enjoy this book, and so will people who like mysteries. I think ages 6 to 12 will like reading Alice-Miranda in the Alps.

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