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Book review: Our Home is Dirt By Sea


Our Home is Dirt by Sea

Our Home is Dirt By Sea Selected by Dianne Bates, Walker Books Australia, ISBN 9781925081190

This is an anthology of poems for children. I recognised some of the poets’ names like Robin Klein, Sally Murphy, and CJ Dennis. There are lots of other Australian poets too.

The book is divided into different sections for themes such as school, family, sport etc. There’s a mix of different types of poems — some poems rhyme and some don’t, some are long and some are short. My favourite poems are rhyming poems and the poems I liked best in this anthology were ‘Advance Australia Fair’ by Elizabeth Honey, ‘Revenge’ by Robin Klein, and ‘Fishermen’ (Anonymous). ‘Advance Australia Fair’ is a retake of the Australian national anthem and it’s full of mondegreens. It’s really funny.

I would recommend this anthology for children ages 7 to 10 who like all sorts of poems.

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