Introducing the 2018 TOP READS team!

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the 2018 Top Reads team.

What is the Top Reads team? Members of this team are keen readers who stop by each month to recommend a favourite read for the month, and they’re all kids like you!


Matthew, 10, VIC (July to November 2018)
Before I broke my arm, my main interest was cycling around my bush property.  Now, my main interest is drawing 3D words and phrases on A4 paper.  I like to stick them on the walls around my bedroom to motivate me.  Two of my favourite creations are ‘I can …’ and ‘I will …’

I love to read action books like Zac Power and the Treehouse series.  At the moment, I’m reading The Marvellous Land of Oz by Frank Baum.  Its keeping me interested because the characters make other characters.

Vivaan, 9, VIC (February to June 2018)
Vivaan enjoys non-fiction and fiction books with lots of action, as they are intriguing. When he’s not reading, Vivaan plays cricket with his dad and badminton. He likes discovering interesting new words using the Rocket Speller app on his iPad.

Matilda, 9, NT
Matilda likes to spend her time reading, writing, drawing and swimming.  When she’s not doing her other hobbies she likes to have adventures and spend time with family and friends.

Xavier, 9, NT
When he’s not reading, Xavier enjoys riding his bike, swimming and playing soccer and touch rugby. He is also obsessed with video games! When he grows up Xavier wants to be a scientist.

Lewis, 9, WA
Lewis loves reading, particularly entertaining/funny books and adventure stories. When he isn’t reading he loves soccer, swimming, music, star wars, Lego and playing with his younger brother.

Tirion, 9, VIC
Tirion’s hobbies are gymnastics, singing and dancing. Her mum started reading chapter books to her when she was 2 years old.  Tirion remembers Enid Blyton books like the Famous Five series and The Magic Faraway Tree. Spy and adventure novels are her current favourites. Tirion loves reading because it helps her wonder.

Céití, 8, WA
Céití loves spending time with her chocolate labrador Flynn. She enjoys all sorts of reading and writing, playing her violin, cooking and playing water polo. Her favourite series at the moment is Harry Potter.

Anishka, 8, QLD
Anishka loves writing poems. She started composing her own poems when she was 4 years old. She loves to play with her friends. She is also involved in raising funds for Heart Research and Foundation through ‘Jump Rope for Heart’.

Albie May, 6, NSW
Albie May loves funny books — like Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas (which is about a vegetarian piranha) as well as books with made up words in them.

Look out for the first book recommendations for 2018 on the last day of February!