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Book review: Do Not Lick This Book

Do Not Lick this Book by Idan Ben-Barak and Julian Frost. Image: Picture book with a yellow cover. The title DO NOT LICK THIS BOOK is within a white speech bubble, text is being spoken by some tiny germ characters on the front cover. REVIEWED BY WEYLEN, 8, VIC

Do not lick this book by Idan Ben-Barak and Julian Frost, Allen& Unwin, ISBN 9781760293055

Weylen borrowed a copy of this book from her school library.

This is an impressive book about different germs and what they do. Find out which germs help us and which germs don’t.

Take Min on an awesome adventure and join her too! Meet all her new friends and find out what she discovers at different places.

My favourite part is when Min finds out what all her microbe friends do.

I recommend this book to children 7-9yrs old who want to become doctors so they know what kind of germs there are.

I give this a 7 out of 10 rating because some pages were easy to understand and others were challenging.

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