Young Writers in Action

Young writers in action: I promise

by Koko-Rose, 11, QLD

As a child I promised to pick up my toys,
Brush my hair and not kiss boys.
Growing up it was to be a good friend,
Be strong, be proud and not follow the trend.

I promise I won’t stay out late,
I will be kind and not stand up my date.
I‘ll do my best your words I’ll hear,
“Be true to yourself keep loved ones near.’’

If I marry I promise to be a good wife,
To love and not get my kids in too much strife.
I will try to be happy just like you,
The lessons you taught me will shine through.

You always kept your word you see,
I believed that would never leave me.
But there was just one promise you could not keep,
Your body, your mind slipped into eternal sleep.

You fought so hard for me, my Mum,
Cancer you could not overcome,
So I promise not to say goodbye,
For in my heart you will never die.