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Book review: Geronimo Stilton Classic Tales The Secret Garden

Cover of Geronimo Stilton Classic Tales: The Secret Garden by Geronimo StiltonREVIEWED BY GIANNA, 10, VIC

Geronimo Stilton Classic Tales: The Secret Garden by Geronimo Stilton, Scholastic Inc,
ISBN 9780545872607

Gianna reviewed her own copy of this book.

This is a book full of mysteries: a girl whose parents had died. A mansion named Misselthwaite Manor. There are a hundred rooms in this mansion which are said to be locked. There are many gardens too. All of them are unlocked but one, which was the mistress’s favourite garden. But she had fallen from a branch while sitting, which had caused her death.

The girl makes a friend with whom she plays everyday in the many gardens. But soon, every night she hears a faint crying noise. The author very mysteriously finds the noise, where it comes from. Is it a ghost? A murderer who is crying every night so that someone comes, and he kills them? Or a boy? Read this mysterious book to find out.

This beautiful book by Geronimo Stilton consists of friendship, bravery and most of all trust and suspects.

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