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Book review: Magic Beach

Magic Beach by Alison LesterREVIEWED BY KADE, 6, QLD

Magic Beach by Alison Lester, A&U Children’s, ISBN 9781741144888

Kade reviewed his own copy of the book. This was the winning book review in the Junior Category of Alphabet Soup’s 2020 Young Book Reviewers’ Competition.  

I like this book, it made me feel calm.  Every grade, including the Kindy kids, at my school would like this book.

The words are exciting and the watercolour drawings are awesome. The main characters are kids playing at their beach. Belinda and James build sandcastles and find sticks, rocks and feathers. They’re pretending their beach is all different things like they found treasure, they’re sailing all over the world and they caught a shark.

I like the pictures and the family’s cute dog is found on almost every page. I liked the words on the last page “adrift on the evening tide”. There are parts of the story that are confusing and the picture didn’t help me.

4/5 stars

During May and June Alphabet Soup will be posting all the book reviews by the winners and longlisters from our 2020 Book Reviewers’ Competition.