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Book review: Aussies vs England: Game on!

Aussies vs England: Game on! by Mitchell Starc and Philip BuntingREVIEWED BY LISSY, YR4, WA

Aussies vs England: Game on! by Mitchell Starc, illustrated by Philip Bunting, Scholastic Australia, ISBN 9781742763194

Lissy reviewed her own copy of this book. This review was shortlisted in Alphabet Soup’s 2020 Young Book Reviewers’ Competition.

Rating: 5 stars

Recommendation: I would recommend this book for kids aged between six and ten years old who enjoy the sport of cricket, since cricket is the main subject of the book.

Genre: Fiction

Mighty Mitch #1 Aussies vs England: Game On! 
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Mighty Mitch #5 Day/Night Decider!

Mitch, a young player for the Wander Hill Wombats Under 10s cricket team, loves batting and wicketkeeping. His dream is to one day play for Australia and wear the baggy green. But before that can happen, he has to keep playing in the Under 10s. His bowling is not pretty; he just can’t get the hang of it! Surprise news whacks Mitch’s team into a deep panic. Mitch and his mates can’t stop talking (and worrying) about playing an England Under 10s side. At the practice game, the Wombats are wowed by the team’s impressive names and shiny cricket shoes. But Mitch has one more problem than his mates; his cricket whites have turned pink! With the big game coming up, everything is happening. Will Mitch be able to get over his bowling blues? Or will he be humiliated in front of everyone? Can it get any worse?

Find out by reading the first book in this hilarious and action-filled series created by Australian cricket superstar, Mitchell Starc!

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