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Book review: Claire Malone Changes the World

Claire Malone Changes the World by Nadia L King and illustrated by Alisa KnatkoREVIEWED BY ALBIE, 8, NSW

Claire Malone Changes the World by Nadia L King, illustrated by Alisa Knatko, Dixi Books, ISBN 9786197458794

Albie received a review copy of this book from the author.

The video below is approximately two minutes long. A text version of this book review is also provided if you scroll to the end of this post.

Video: Albie, 8, reviews Claire Malone Changes the World

Text version:

Hi, my name is Albie and today I’m going to do a book review on Claire Malone Changes the World by Nadia L King and Alisa Knatko.

Claire Malone is around 13 years old and never goes outside. At the start of the book she is grumpy, sad, bored and lonely. And at the end of the book she is happy, fun and cool. My favourite character in the book is Marmalade, ‘cos she’s a very cute cat.

Claire wrote letters and changed. She wrote letters to the Prime Minister, the weather department and the Education Department. She finally wrote a letter to the Prime Minister and asked for a new park. The town all celebrated to get their new park! Yay!

I learnt to stand up for myself and do what comes naturally. This book gave me courage. That is why I love it. My favourite page in this book is here [holds up book] where the school teacher says … ‘At school, Claire’s teacher asked her class to draw what scared them most.’ This is little Claire there [points to illustration] and she is scared of bananas and no wifi. And everyone else is scared of stuff like fires, bees, snakes, spiders, ghosts! And she’s just scared of … a little old … no wifi! and bananas.

I thought it was really good because it’s really funny. I really do hope you read this book and love it as much as I do. Bye!

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