Young Writers in Action

Young Writers in Action: Thirty Reasons to Read

Thirty Reasons To Read
by Zohar, 11, USA

  1. Pexels photo courtesy Amina FilkinsYou’re bored and have watched all of Netflix.
  2. You can’t leave your house, so why not leave reality.
  3. You can’t sleep.
  4. Why not learn about something new while having fun?
  5. You have some really good books at home but haven’t got a chance to read them.
  6. You “have to” read for school.
  7. Your brain will thank you.
  8. It keeps you busy.
  9. If you seriously don’t want to read, sort through your books, ex. alphabetically, by which you would read next.
  10. You are worried your dog will chew them up.
  11. Your books are taking up space.
  12. Your brain gets to relax and not stress over when your next test is.
  13. You travel around the world for free.
  14. Books make you laugh!
  15. Books make you think about things differently.
  16. Reading helps you write.
  17. When you finish a book, you feel like you climbed Mount Everest.
  18. Reading books helps you pay better attention.
  19. Books are genuinely fun.
  20. Who doesn’t want to time travel?
  21. You feel like you have ten million friends.
  22. Reading books helps you be more creative.
  23. It’s like you’re using all five senses when you’re only using one.
  24. Reading books answers your questions.
  25. Reading books make you look at things differently, ex. what would happen if a deadly virus would be on the loose?…(we still aren’t sure!)
  26. It doesn’t require much to read.
  27. Reading books makes you a better writer.
  28. Books can be used anywhere.
  29. Books could be life changing.
  30. WHY NOT?!?!

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