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Book review: Total Quack Up Again

Total Quack up AgainREVIEWED BY JANE, 7, WA

Total Quack Up Again, Edited by Sally Rippin and Adrian Beck, illustrated by Jules Faber, Penguin Australia, ISBN 9781760893583

Jane received a review copy of this book from the publisher.

Total Quack Up Again is a collection of funny short stories. I really like it. It makes me laugh. It was hard to pick a favourite story, they are all so good. One of my favourites was ‘Clean The Car’ by Kim Kane — it’s hard for me to read it out loud because I’m laughing so hard. This is one of my favourite parts (pp 111-112) in ‘Clean The Car’:

‘What’s that?’ (Mumma-Sue) pointed to a small tree, which had sprouted in the leaves composting under Tom’s booster seat.

Mumma-Jacq bent down to pick it up. ‘It’s a small tree,’ she said.

‘I can see that.’ Mumma-Sue rolled her eyes.

‘Possibly a fig or a plum.’ Mumma-Jacq examined a tiny green leaf.

‘Well, that’s terrific. But what’s it doing sprouting in the back seat of the car?’ Mumma-Sue tried not to yell. She was not successful.

I think lots of people will like this book, including adults.

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