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Book review: On Track

On Track by Kathryn Apel, University of Queensland Press, ISBN 9780702253737

On track (cover)


Joseph received a review copy of this book.

This book is about two brothers (Shaun and Toby) and they couldn’t be less alike. One of them always gets As (Shaun) and the younger one is mostly a C person. When Toby goes to see an OT, he figures out he has a condition with his body. He starts training as a runner which he thought he couldn’t ever be good at but he wants to win an 800m race.

When I saw the cover of this book and that the author was Kathryn Apel I thought I would enjoy it because I liked her verse novel Bully on the Bus. It’s similar to Bully on the Bus because it’s also a verse novel but it’s not the versiest of the two books. Like Bully it’s also about two siblings and they also have to deal with a problem. On Track is for slightly older kids because of the length of the book — it’s longer — and because the characters in the book are older (Toby is 11).

Eleven and twelve-year-olds will like this book, especially athletic readers and fans of verse novels.

Warning: this book may contain traces of nuts. 🙂

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