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Book review: 3D Explorer: Oceans

3D EXPLORER: OCEANS by Jen Green and illustrated by Laszlo VeresREVIEWED BY KOBE, 9, WA

Oceans by Jen Green, illustrated by Laszlo Veres

Silver Dolphin, ISBN 9781684123346

Kobe reviewed her own copy of this book. 

Oceans is a very good book to read because it is filled with facts about the ocean, like we know more about the surface of the moon than the deep ocean.
It’s also full of fun pop-ups! Jen Green uses 3D see-through sections to make an illusion that it’s the surface of the water. She also includes layers upon layers of bits of the ocean habitat.
BUT be careful, please don’t rip or break her hard work! She probably spent a lot of time on it! TOP TIP: To not break it, you must open the book carefully and not quickly stretching the book.
My favourite part of the book is that she provides facts about the animals and plants she put in the scenes. After a fun pop-up, she includes facts about the environment they live in.
That’s why I encourage youth to read my recommended book of February. I’m sure you’d like this AMAZING book. If you like it you should introduce it to your friends!

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Book review: The Australia Survival Guide


The Australia Survival Guide by George Ivanoff, Penguin Australia Pty Ltd,
ISBN 9780143796572

Rory received a review copy of this book from the publisher.

The Australia Survival Guide is a nonfiction book about how to survive in the outback. I liked the book because it has lots of fact boxes about different animals. I think this book would suit both boys or girls aged 7 to 11.

My favourite thing about the book is that there is the guide, called Avatar.  Avatar says things to you like,

“So, the Sydney Opera House isn’t really dangerous. Not unless you try to do something really stupid … like climb its roof and fall off.”

I think you should buy this book because I think it would help you survive outdoors in the bush. Three words to describe it are:

  • helpful
  • cool
  • funny

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