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Book review: Dulcie and Dud and the Really Secret Secret

Dulcie and Dud and the Really Secret Secret by Carol Ann Martin, ill. Janine Dawson. ISBN 9781862915114, Omnibus Books

Reviewed by Madeline, 9,  Yidarra Catholic Primary School*, WA

Dulcie and Dud (cover)

I read a book called Dulcie and Dud and the Really Secret Secret. It was just plain weird!
The story is about two young children called Dulcie and Dud. The setting is mainly at school. They live in a town called Waddigong—it is a beautiful town but something fishy goes on every time I read this book!
I recommend this book to kids who want to know what happens next?! My favourite part is when people kept on asking “Who’s muriEl?” and Dulcie said “You’ll see!”
People who are in grade 1 to 4 would love this book. I’d give it five stars!

"Undercover Readers Club logo"* Yidarra Catholic Primary School is a member of our Undercover Readers Club. The book reviewed here was Madeline’s own copy.