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Book Review – Ghost Club: A Transylvanian Tale

Ghost Club: A Transylvanian Tale by Deborah Abela, ISBN 9781742758534, Random House Australia

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher

A Transylvanian Tale (cover)

Edgar, Angeline and Dylan are ghost catchers and they are off to Transylvania for the annual Ghost Club Convention. This is the third book in the Ghost Club series — and Dylan is still anxious about his role as a ghost catcher. He’s terrified of … well … just about everything. He’s doing his best to be brave but his efforts to impress Angeline tend to end badly. Besides, Angeline is distracted by the celebrity Ghost Catcher Ripley Granger. In fact, everyone but Dylan seems to be distracted by Ripley. Only Dylan senses that something at the convention is not quite right — he has a feeling that something terrible is about to happen.

This is a spooky adventure story full to the brim with ghosts, vampires and kid ghost-hunters with cool gadgets (plus a touch of romance and humour.)

Read chapter one (for free!) on the publisher’s website.

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Book Review – Ghost Club: The Haunted School

Welcome to Sophie, who is a member of our Undercover Readers Club and our guest reviewer today!

Ghost Club: The Haunted School by Deborah Abela, ISBN 9781742750835, Random House Australia

Reviewed by Sophie, 10, WA

Ghost Club: The Haunted School (cover)

Ghost Club: The Haunted School is a ghost story where you never know what will come around the corner. This is one of the few stories that will get you down on your knees pleading for more. If you were to read this, you will come to accept that people make some big mistakes in life, some so big you can never make up for them.

I love this book. I might have read more complicated books, but this one is right up there on my list of fabulous books. It does not go on for so long that you find yourself asking mum if you can tidy up the whole house. I love this book because it has a ghostly theme, it explains the characters’ emotions and it gives you a real picture of what the characters look like.

This book does not have illustrations. It does not need them. It tells the story extremely well without them. I personally think that a book with illustrations spoils your imagination as you don’t give yourself a picture of what YOU think that particular character looks like.

I think that this wonderful book would suit both girls and boys. Ghosts are not just for boys!

This would suit anyone between ages 5 and 100! (I am 100 minus 90!)

"Undercover Readers Club logo"* Sophie is a member of our Undercover Readers Club. (Download information about the club on the magazine’s website.) A review copy of Ghost Club: The Haunted School was provided by Random House Australia.