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Book Review – Ghost Club: A Transylvanian Tale

Ghost Club: A Transylvanian Tale by Deborah Abela, ISBN 9781742758534, Random House Australia

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A Transylvanian Tale (cover)

Edgar, Angeline and Dylan are ghost catchers and they are off to Transylvania for the annual Ghost Club Convention. This is the third book in the Ghost Club series — and Dylan is still anxious about his role as a ghost catcher. He’s terrified of … well … just about everything. He’s doing his best to be brave but his efforts to impress Angeline tend to end badly. Besides, Angeline is distracted by the celebrity Ghost Catcher Ripley Granger. In fact, everyone but Dylan seems to be distracted by Ripley. Only Dylan senses that something at the convention is not quite right — he has a feeling that something terrible is about to happen.

This is a spooky adventure story full to the brim with ghosts, vampires and kid ghost-hunters with cool gadgets (plus a touch of romance and humour.)

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