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Young writers in action: The Mosquito

by Emma, 12, SA

Girl with a shocked look on her face and brown hair. Photo by pexels.com

Floating in the wind
As graceful as a leaf
Yet as direct as a fly
I soar and I dip
I twirl and I float
I see and I dive
I have ears and I have eyes
Be aware of my presence.

Can you see me?

I can see you
In the car, on a bench
Or maybe in your slumber
Can you hear me?
Can you feel my bite?
The cry of an itch
Piercing through your skin
I am stealthy
Attacking the oblivious
Stabbing you from behind
Like a warrior on a hunt

I like to annoy
I like to cause trouble
My small frame allows me
To attack from every direction
Creeping through the cracks and the gaps you forgot to fill
Perhaps I am smarter than you think
I can see past your mirage
Your illusion like hope
That I won’t approach
Oh you have got it all wrong
But you will have to pay

You can clap or slap
Or bring me to a light
But you shall never catch me,
A small warrior in a fight
Even out of the heat,
Or the summer season
My bite will still find you
Will sink into your skin
Will bring tears to the eye
As you try to stop the feeling
Of the tingle, of the itch
Crawling across your skin
Like a ripple in the ocean

This is Emma’s first poem for Alphabet Soup. To send us YOUR story, poem, artwork or book review, check out our submission guidelines. Happy reading!

Young Writers in Action

Young Writers in Action: Rabbit

by Shreya, 12, MN, USA

The brown and black fur
Little nose twitching
Ears moving to every noise
The beauty of the animal is in plain sight

Dashing through the woods
Sneaky as a snake
Army crawling under fences
Hoping not to be ate

Dashing at each other
One jumps up
So close to crashing
Over and over they play

Lying in my backyard
Eating the grass
Acting very lazy
Like a sloth in a bath

Hoping not to be eaten
Playing again and again
Acting very lazy
A rabbit is that

This is Shreya’s first poem published with Alphabet Soup. If YOU would like to send us a story, drawing, poem, or book review, check out our submission guidelines. Happy writing!