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Poetry tips from Fred (aged 7)

We were thrilled to discover a new poetry blog this week, called Fred’s Petals. We liked it so much, we asked Frederique if we could interview her, and she kindly agreed.

"Photo of Fred (Fred's Petals)"
Fred, the poet behind Fred's Petals (2011)

Fred, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Fred, I live in the bush. I’m seven years old and I have a sister called Una, and a little baby brother called Avery. I like reading books and magazines and I like writing poetry.

How long have you been writing poems?

For three years.

Why did you decide to start the Fred’s Petals blog?

For my friend Yumi could read them, she lives in Canada.

Where do you get your ideas for your poems?

Things around me give me ideas and sometimes my family helps me.

Do you like to read (or listen to) other people’s poems ?

I like to listen when somebody reads poems to me. I like listening to other people’s poems have great ideas like my mum.

Some kids think writing poems is hard. Do you have any advice that would help kids who want to start writing poems?

Well you just think of a name to start, and then write about the name and rhyme the words. I come up with my ideas by thinking about the things around me. You could try writing about where you are, and what they see, and come up with a little story that rhymes.

Be sure to visit Fred’s Petals and leave a comment. (All poets love some appreciation!)