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Send us your writing & artwork!

In every issue of Alphabet Soup, we include 6 pages of kids’ work—your stories, poems, letters-to-the-Editor, book reviews and artwork. Issue 11 is coming up. We still have a few spaces left for a poem or a story (or two) and some artwork.

If you’d like to see your work published, read our submission guidelines and send us something! (If it doesn’t arrive in time for issue 11, we can include it in a later issue. So if you can’t send something until next week, don’t panic.)

Remember, you don’t have to subscribe to the magazine to send us your work or to enter our writing competitions.

"Walker Books 2011 titles"

For those of you who DO subscribe, subscribers are automatically entered in a Subscribers’ Draw every issue. The winner of the issue 11 Subscribers’ Draw will receive a $200 book pack from Walker Books Australia. (See some of their books above. Books in the winner’s pack might differ though.)

Now I’m going to sit by our post office box to wait for your writing and artwork. (Give that postman something to do and send me some mail!)

Rebecca Newman, Editor