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Book Review: Dork Diaries: Party Time

This week we are featuring book reviews from students at Duncraig Primary School* in WA. Today’s guest reviewer is Shannon.

Dork Diaries: Party Time by Rachel Renée Russel, ISBN 9781847387424, Simon & Schuster

Reviewed by Shannon, 10, WA

dork diaries (cover)

This book is a comedy mixed with a bit of drama. It is about a girl called Niki who doesn’t really get along with the kids at her school. Her biggest enemy is Mackenzie. Niki is in a bit of trouble when she had to organise the high school Halloween party. Will she cope or will she be a normal dork who has a crush on Brandon the hottest boy in 8th grade?

The book is enjoyable, with a bit of love and dorkiness. I loved the way it was like reading someone else’s personal diary and the great tension. I couldn’t possibly stop reading. It had excellent illustrations and they really suited the book. I loved everything about it. I liked the tension and illustrations best of all.

This book would only suit girls because it is packed with a girl’s life story. This book is nine plus. It has great strong characters and a story that can seem real. Just wait and read and you’ll find out more!

"Undercover Readers Club logo"* Duncraig Primary is a member of our Undercover Readers Club. (Download information about the club on the magazine’s website.) Shannon reviewed her own copy of Dork Diaries: Party Time.