We’re going on a tour!

To celebrate the magazine’s first birthday, we’re taking Alphabet Soup on a blog Spring 2009 covertour! What does that mean? It means from 1 – 7 September 2009 we’ll be visiting 7 different blogs and I’ll be answering questions about the magazine on each one.

We’ll tell you a bit more about it in a few days. But here are the links where you’ll find us in the first week of September:

1 September: Dale Harcombe (Write and Read with Dale)

2 September: Sally Murphy (Writing for Children Blog)

3 September: Claire Saxby (Let’s Have Words)

4 September: Mabel Kaplan (Tales I Tell)

5 September: Dee White (Teacher’s Writing Helper)

6 September: Robyn Opie (Writing Children’s Books)

7 September: Sandy Fussell (Stories Are Light)