Jokes to tell your dad on Fathers Day

When I was growing up, my dad was known for his bad jokes, especially puns. We502 More Great Aussie Jokes cover would all groan ‘Daaaaa-aaaad,’ (but secretly we all loved him telling bad jokes).

Why am I talking about bad jokes on the Alphabet Soup blog? Well, it’s Fathers Day on Sunday, which is why I’m remembering all those jokes at the dinner table – and I have a book here called 502 More Great Aussie Jokes. I thought it would be handy for introducing some new jokes to the family. (Inside I did find quite a few jokes that made me groan, though. Maybe it’s not such a grand idea after all?)

You might have heard the phrase ‘Laughter is the best medicine.’ All royalties from the sales of this joke book go to Camp Quality. (Camp Quality works to bring hope and happiness to children living with cancer, their families and communities, through recreational, educational and financial programs.)

Two of my favourite jokes from the book:

Diner: ‘Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup!’

Waiter: ‘Who’s there?’

Diner: ‘Eh?’

Waiter: ‘Oops! Sorry madam – I’m in the wrong joke!’


Q. In which fairytale does a young boy have a long chat to some vegetables?

A. Jack and the Beans Talk!


Is that groaning I hear? If you have one of those dads who likes to tell bad jokes, now you can dish out a few of your own on Fathers Day! (Just don’t tell him who put you on to the joke book … )

502 More Great Aussie Jokes, illustrated by Louis Shea, Scholastic Australia, 2009

Our review copy was sent to us by Scholastic Australia