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Undercover Readers Club launch: Monday 14 June 2010!

"undercover readers logo"The Undercover Readers Club will be launched here on Soup Blog on Monday!

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Undercover Readers is a book reviewers club for kids aged 12 and under. And it’s FREE to join! Club members with an Australian postal address receive one free book to review, but you can also review your own books, and books you borrow from friends or the library. (Members outside Australia can send book reviews of their own books, but unfortunately we aren’t able to send you a free book, due to the high costs of postage to overseas addresses.)

Members can be individual children, or a primary school class. The reviews will be published in Alphabet Soup magazine, and/or here on Soup Blog.

Back to the launch celebrations! Starting on Monday, we’ll have a different author or illustrator visiting this blog every day (14 – 29 June), to tell us about the books they read after ‘lights out’ when they were growing up — when they were still reading under the covers with a torch! So make sure you check back on Monday, when we’ll be hearing from our first author, Sheryl Gwyther .

Want to join the Undercover Readers Club?

Go to the magazine’s website ( where you’ll find a PDF to download with information about the club and how to join.

Happy reading!


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