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Tips for our cover-design competition

As you know, we are running our annual cover-design competition and entries close 16 September 2010. Here are some covers from our recent issues (the one on the left was the 2009 cover-design winner).

"Alphabet Soup issue 7 cover"

"Alphabet Soup issue 5 cover""Alphabet Soup issue 6 cover"

And now, here are some tips for all you budding artists!


Using any materials you like, design a cover for Alphabet Soup magazine.

Important — your artwork must be on one side of a sheet of white A4 paper. Make sure the paper is portrait orientation. Do NOT include the Alphabet Soup logo.

You may eneter as many times as you like, but each entry must have a competition entry form with the declaration signed by you and a parent. (Entry forms can be printed from the website, or contact us to have one sent to you.)

The winner will have their artwork on the cover of the summer 2010 issue of Alphabet Soup magazine, and will receive one copy of the summer 2010 issue and art supplies worth $20.

The theme for the cover is: WETLANDS. You might like to show an entire wetland setting, or focus on one aspect of wetlands — like crocodiles, or frogs, or tortoises, or water birds and plants that you find in a wetland, or someone exploring a wetland environment, or something else again! Artwork can be realistic, or abstract, or cartoon-like, or any style you choose.

If you’d like some more info on Australian wetlands, check out the following sites:

Remember that our covers don’t usually have a lot of unused white space. If you draw one thing in the middle of the page and nothing else, it would be tricky for us to turn it into a cover for the magazine!

There will be one winner chosen. By entering the competition, you agree to us using your artwork on the cover of the summer 2010 issue of Alphabet Soup magazine (out November 2010).

Download an entry form from the Alphabet Soup website.


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