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Book review: Flood by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley

Flood by Jackie French, ill. Bruce Whatley, Scholastic Press, ISBN 9781742830728

Flood (cover)A review copy of this book was sent to us by the publisher.

This book was written after the recent floods in Queensland. It tells the story of a flood—what happens before, during and afterwards—the power of a river and the people who are affected, and the kindness of strangers and volunteers.

Bruce Whatley notes at the end of the book that he did the artwork ‘vertically on an easel to get the paint running, enhancing the idea of wetness.’ The illustrations do seem to be still wet with paint dripping down the page—the reader follows the dog (shown on the cover) through the events of a flood as the people around him band together to save people and houses.

Scholastic advises that a copy of this book has been donated to every Australian primary school, and profits from sales will go to the QLD Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal. At the end of the book there is some information about resources explaining what to do before, during and after a flood.

This is a book with a simple story and gentle illustrations that really help you imagine the landscape in a flood. It shows the danger and destruction of a flood—with a positive, hopeful ending.


© September 2011 “Review of Flood by Jackie French, ill. Bruce Whatley”, reviewed by Rebecca Newman (Alphabet Soup magazine)

1 thought on “Book review: Flood by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley”

  1. I recently read this pb and absolutely adored it. Bruce’s artwork captures the mood, poigancy and emotion of the event with eloquence and subtle beauty. The page looks wet was my 5 yo’s comment.

    Jackie’s simple yet again elegant text reduced this queenslander to tears and a realisation that this all occured less than 9 months ago. A brilliant piece of work. Highly recommended.

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