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Where There’s Smoke: book reviews by Beaconsfield Primary School students (Part III)

Where There’s Smoke, by John Heffernan, ISBN 9781862918665, Omibus Books.

Reviewed by Harry, age 11, Beaconsfield Primary School.*

Where There's Smoke (cover)This book is great if you love stories which are based on Black Saturday’s bushfires and even still it’s great for adventure lovers.

Luke and Sarah have arrived at a small town called Edenville. Luke has already had a fight with someone, which isn’t surprising because he’s had fights before at other places. Luke’s friend Tiny had lived in a small town in Russia which had been invaded by Russian troops, so he went to live somewhere else. Tiny has a big heart and predicted that a fire will happen but no-one believed him.

This is such an emotional book it just brings you in. Every chapter makes you want to read more because it leaves a question waiting to be answered. The characters are good because you’ve got all variety like: mean people like Brian, kind-hearted people like Tiny, and just ordinary people like Luke.

I recommend Where There’s Smoke for any gender and for people over nine years of age. I personally rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

*Beaconsfield Primary School is a member of our Undercover Readers Club. A review copy of Where There’s Smoke was provided by the publisher.

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