Three Quick Questions: Cristy Burne (#8)

All through October, Alphabet Soup is celebrating turning three. We have heaps of writers and illustrators stopping by to answer THREE QUICK QUESTIONS and today’s visitor is Cristy Burne, author of the Takeshita Demons books.

Takeshita Demons (cover)The Filth Licker (cover)


1. Where do you like to write?

In a café, on my laptop, with a chilli hot chocolate somewhere nearby. I like writing in cafés because it usually means I have two or three hours of uninterrupted time.

2. Can you name a book you’d recommend to our readers?

I usually read action-adventure-fantasy stories, but lately I’ve been trying some different genres. Most recently, I loved Meg McKinlay’s Duck for a Day … it’s quirky and clever and fun. I also loved Warning! Aliens are Invading the School! by Dinah Capparucci—it’s Very Funny!

Duck for a day (cover)
Cristy Burne recommends Duck for a Day by Meg McKinlay
Warning! Aliens are invading the school! (cover)
Cristy also recommends Warning! Aliens are Invading the School! by Dinah Capparucci

3. Can you offer a word or phrase that kids could use for inspiration if they have writer’s block?

Cristy ... and head
Cristy ... and head


I like to write scary stories about strange monsters and spooky demons, so “headless” is a great start for imagining a new kind of creature. It opens up lots of nice questions: Why is it headless? Does it miss its head? Does it have any extra bits to make up for its missing head? Is it attacking me? Is it making me a cup of tea?

Find out more about Cristy Burne and Takeshita Demons—visit her website and check out her blog.

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