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Book review: Once There Was a Boy

Once There Was a Boy written & illustrated by Dub Leffler. Published by Magabala Books, ISBN 978 1 921248 37 5.

A review copy of this book was sent to us by the publisher.

Once there was a boy (cover)

A boy lives all alone in a boat, on an island. One day, suddenly, there is someone else on the island. She eats all his sapotes. She sleeps in the hammock. He asks her not to look under the bed while he is away collecting more sapotes—but she is too curious and she does look under the bed …

This is a picture book about friendship and sharing, and how strange it is that friendship can mean happiness and also disappointments sometimes.

The illustrations really show the beauty of the island, and the stillness and sadness of the boy. I especially love the colours of the ocean and the way shadows appear in many of the illustrations. There is sense of peace at the end—and a feeling of hope.

Dub Leffler says:

“I wrote Once There Was a Boy to show kids that boys have feelings too … ”

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