Happy International Book Giving Day 2013!

International Book Giving Day

Today (14 February 2013) is International Book Giving Day. And you thought it was Valentine’s Day, didn’t you?

Since today was a SPECIAL day for book giving, I donated a book to my daughter’s classroom this morning. (I also bought a book to give away to another young friend but I’m leaving it for her secretly, so I can’t talk about it here. Don’t tell her, OK?)

Today’s giving-away book was from the magazine’s review pile. We’ll be posting a review up soon! It was Stories for 6 Year Olds—a collection of short stories by fabulous writers, and illustrated by Tom Jellet. (There is a series published by Random House Australia. So, you can also read Stories for 5 Year Olds, Stories for 7 Year Olds, and Stories for 8 year Olds. If you click on the titles I just listed, you can read a free sample on the publisher’s website. Excellent! *)

Here is the book on my kitchen table, just before it was released into the wild:

Stories for 6 year olds (Cover)

You can take part in International Book Giving Day, too! Check out the International Book Giving Day site for lots of info about the day, or quietly give a book (new or second hand) to someone who could do with a good read.  Maybe you could just recommend a school library book for your friend to borrow if you don’t have a book to give away.

Tell us the titles of books you give! Unless you give it secretly. Sometimes it’s more fun to do it secretly …

* Oh, and don’t forget you can still read Stories for 6 Year Olds if you are 7. Or Stories for 5 Year Olds if you are 8. Just because you had a few extra birthdays doesn’t mean the stories stop being fabulous! Look at me, I’m waaaaaaay older than 6 now, but I still enjoyed reading all the books in the series. (If you’re still too embarrassed to read a book with the ‘wrong’ number on the cover, find a young friend that age and read it to them. Then you both get to read it. Everyone wins!)

~Rebecca, Alphabet Soup‘s editor

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