Alphabet Soup magazine closes

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It is with great sadness that we announce the closure of Alphabet Soup magazine. The first issue of the magazine was published in 2008 and for over four years we were proud to bring you a magazine that showcased children’s own writing and artwork alongside that of adults, and promoted the fabulous work of Australia’s talented children’s authors and illustrators.issue 2

Subscribers who have remaining issues under their current subscriptions will soon receive a letter explaining the payment of refunds for those issues. We have added a FAQ tab at the top of the blog with further information about the magazine’s closure. If you have further questions, please contact us.

issue 3Our heartfelt thanks go to our subscribers, past contributors (authors, illustrators and columnists), our young writers and artists, and everyone who has supported us and celebrated with us over the past four years. We will continue with Soup Blog (and also Facebook and Twitter)—so do please continue to visit for news about upcoming book events, author and illustrator interviews, book reviews and children’s writing and artwork.

~ Rebecca Newman, Editor

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"Issue 8 cover (spring 2010)"

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"Issue 10 cover Alphabet Soup"

Issue 11 cover, Alphabet Soup magazine

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Alphabet Soup issue 16 (cover)

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Autumn 2013 Alphabet Soup (cover)

16 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup magazine closes”

  1. Rebecca this is gut wrenching news. What a wonderful magazine you championed for kids and adults alike. It will be a shame I will no longer be able to promote this to our young school aged readers and writers. I applaude you for your hard work and committment to making kids lit a more interesting place to be and wish you the very best with whatever future projects you undertake. Thanks for a wonderful magazine! Dimity

    1. Thanks Dimity. We will still be publishing children’s work on the blog here (I know it’s not quite the same as seeing your work in a print magazine though!)

  2. That’s sad news. It seems terribly hard to keep a good thing going these days, especially for kids. There are so few opportunities for young people to share their passion for writing and to see their names in print. I have enjoyed and been inspired by it. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your comment and your past support, Maureen. We’re sad that it’s come to an end, too. I loved that we offered a forum for kids to see their work in print.

  3. Oh how sad, I promoted Alphabet Soup whenever I visited schools and I know how important a publication it is for authors and illustrators and for our upcoming creative children too- thankyou for your dedication- all the best,

    Lorraine M

    1. Hi Lorraine – many, many thanks for sharing the magazine with young writers on your travels. We loved printing children’s work alongside adult writing and illustrations.

  4. So sad to hear. I was most certainly looking forward to signing my kids up for a subscription. Sadly they just haven’t been old enough.
    Congratulations though on bringing a wonderful resource to budding writers and for all of the hard work you have put into Alphabet Soup. I have no doubt it was a mammoth effort for you>

    Good luck in whatever the future holds for you 🙂

    1. Hi Jackie – thanks for your good wishes. It’s sad to leave the print mag behind but we did have a wonderful 4 years sharing it with young writers, artists and readers. And we’ll be continuing with some of the same here on the blog Not quite the same as holding a print mag in your hands, I know – but at least we’re not disappearing completely. 🙂

  5. I was sad to hear your closing news. Alphabet Soup is a fantastic magazine for kids. You did a wonderful job. Glad to hear your soup blog is still going so we can continue to see all your great articles and children’s stories, poems and artwork. Best of luck!

  6. I am so very sorry to hear that Alphabet Soup is closing. It is so filled with child focussed fun and energy. I will keep my fingers crossed for you Rebecca, that this door closing leads to a bigger and better window of opportunity when it comes to igniting children’s passion for everything to do with literature.

  7. I know how heartbreaking this is for you – and I know what you have done to create such a beautiful publication. This is passion in its purest form. The mag will be so missed, but delighted Soup Blog will live on! xx

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