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Book Review: The Poison Plot – Sword Girl Book 2

Sword Girl: The Poison Plot by Frances Watts, ill. Gregory Rogers, ISBN 9781742377926, Allen & Unwin

A review copy of this book was provided by Allen & Unwin.

The poison plot (cover)

Thomasina (Tommy) is the Keeper of the Swords at Flamant Castle. Preparations are underway for a banquet at the castle but when Tommy is sent to town on an errand, she discovers a plot to poison Sir Walter. If she can’t foil the plot, Flamant will be at war. And there’s not much time …

This is the second book in the Sword Girl series. (Read a review of the first Sword Girl bookThe Secret of the Swords.)

The Poison Plot is an action-packed medieval adventure. There are black and white illustrations every few pages and they add to the fun—you might recognise Gregory Rogers’ style from his books The Boy, The Bear, The Baron, The Bard and The Hero of Little Street. Tommy is a brave, clever character who outsmarts bullies and makes friends with the castle’s animals. We love the poor crocodiddle with the cold, and, of course, the castle cat from the first book in the series.

A funny, fast-paced early chapter book.

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