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Found! A story by 7-year-old Saahil

We love reading your stories, poems and book reviews. Last week Saahil from Yidarra Catholic Primary School sent us this exciting adventure story. Read on …

Found! by Saahil, 7

One day, when I was playing in the school playground with my friend Zack, we suddenly fell into a deep hole. It wasn’t any ordinary hole; it was a hole full of gold.

We fell in with a CRASH and a BANG! We looked around this unusual place for a while, and then Zack said “Where are we?” I said that we were in one of the pyramids in Egypt.

Zack asked again, “How did we get in the pyramid?”

I replied “I think we fell into the hole that we were digging.”

When it was getting dark, Zack and I called out for help, but no one answered. We were left here in the dark by ourselves.  The next day, we heard a crack on the wall. Somebody was mining in the pyramid. The archeologist was an Australian man. His name was Max. We found out that the archeologist was a friendly man. He worked for an Australian Mining Company in Egypt. Max helped us out of the pyramid. He wanted to know where we were from. I said that we were from Perth, Australia. So, Max called the taxi to the airport. Max found the flight back to Perth and we flew back there. Our parents were searching everywhere for us. The government told our parents that we were on a flight back to Perth. Our parents found us at the airport and took us home. Zack and I were happy to be home.

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