Autumn 2013 writing comp winners

We had so much fun reading through all your entries about superpowered mums. Congratulations to these three winners (and their super amazing mums!).

Under 7s winner — Genevieve C, QLD

Mum’s Magic Red Rocket Shoes

My mum can fly. Yes that’s right she can fly because she has red high heeled rocket shoes!

Mum flies to help people.

When there were bushfires, mum helped the firemen and flew in the air with buckets of water to put out the fires.

But Mum had an accident last month and her heel broke walking down the stairs at school. All the rocket fuel leaked out. Her rocket shoes stopped working.

Mum needed to get her rocket fuel shoes fixed. The rocket shoes were made in China.

Mum could drive to China but it is a long way and there are no bridges.

Mum could go on a plane but that would take a long time.

Because I am only small I told Mum I could wear one of the rocket shoes and fly to China to get it fixed.

But I have never been to China and don’t know how to speak Chinese. How would I know where to go or what to do?

I called my best friend Holly because she lived in China before she moved to Brisbane. I asked her to come with me.

Holly and I flew to China that afternoon.

We saw the Great Wall of China.

We saw the factory where they make Apple iPads.

We saw a jewellery shop and then we saw the shop that sells rocket shoes. They told us where to find the shop where they fix rocket shoes.

Holly and I flew back home with Mum’s rocket shoe fixed.

Now that Mum has her red rocket shoes fixed she helps people in trouble again.

She flew a little girl who broke her arm at gym straight to hospital.

Mum moved the boats in the Brisbane river when the big floods came.

And Mum was flying over Stradbroke Island and saw a dolphin washed up on the beach. Mum flew down and flew it back to its mother. Everyone on the beach clapped and cheered when they saw Mum do this. I am so proud of my mum and her amazing red rocket shoes.

If you are ever in trouble, don’t worry because my mum will fly and help you!

Under 9s winner — Isabella L, NSW

Maid Mum

I’ve got a mum with super powers and they are … to clean the house really quickly! And this is how I know:

One day I was on my way out of the house. The house was a pig-sty. You see my dad’s job is a shop keeper at an antique shop and nearly nobody goes there so dad brings back stuff that has been there ‘forever’. So, our house is basically full of old bits and pieces.

Anyway, so I’m going out to Jessica’s house (my best friend) for about an hour or two when I see Mum writing down today’s list, my gosh it was long! There were jobs like hanging up 11 rounds of washing, putting on the dishwasher 6 times and other crazy things. I thought she was writing a list for the whole year.

So very amazed I walked out of the house. I told Jessica about the list, she was as surprised as I was. After all the gossip we played Wii sports for an hour and soon enough Jess’s mum got a call for me to go home. I said goodbye and started my journey home.

On the way I remembered the list and power walked the rest of the way home. When I got home I realised the house was all tidy. After a while I told Mum I needed a shower because I was all sweaty from playing Wii. On my way down to the bathroom I quickly ran into Mum and Dad’s room. On Mum’s bedside table I saw her list all ticked off.

After dinner I went to bed. When Mum came in to say goodnight I asked her about the list.

‘I’ve had super powers since you were born,’ she said. ‘You gave them to me!’

‘That’s good,’ I said. ‘Now I don’t have to tidy up!’

So that’s how I know my mum has superpowers and why our house is usually neat and tidy.

Thank you for reading my true story about my mum!

Under 12s winner — Daisy M, NSW

My Mum’s Super Power!

It can be frightening at the top of The Great Dividing Range. The weather can change quickly; one minute a glorious day and within an hour the weather can close-in with black clouds engulfing our farm. When this change occurs we head home to be safe.

We have warning if we listen and watch the animals. The cows huddle together voting on what the lead cow is saying. The horses also gather for safety, neighing to discuss the weather change.

While riding with Jack, the sky was getting darker. The horses were scared, wild eyed and galloping home. No time to take the horses to the shed, it was important to be indoors before lightning strikes.

Our parents, on the verandah, helped us inside then freed the horses. I shuddered; the lightning was striking the earth. Our farm in drought; dry grass, thirsty lifeless trees, hungry thin animals, all praying for rain not fire from lightning.

We prayed too hard, the rain wouldn’t stop! The river rising rapidly, the island now inaccessible.

Our foal was shivering and alone on the island. How could this have happened? I suddenly remembered I had been riding the mare, of course she was not with her foal! I ran to every window searching for the mare. She was neighing and searching frantically for her foal.

My mother wondered what was wrong. She assured me that animals have a way of finding each other. I knew she was right but how could the mare save her foal from drowning in the flooded river. The water, swirling around dead debris creating strong currents impossible for a new foal to swim in.

I feared the worst. Then saw a Pegasus in the stormy sky travelling towards the shrinking island where the foal stood still, too scared to move. The foal suddenly lay down! I thought she must be dying. Her eyes flickering, she seemed to understand what was happening. The Pegasus flew down onto the foal and amazingly picked up the foal and cradled her in her four strong legs soaring towards the shed and our herd of horses.

The Pegasus gently laid the foal on the ground. The foal quickly rose on its four legs and cantered towards its mother. The mother ran her nose over her foal, it was now safe.

I wondered for years about this strange event, wondering if I dreamt the happening and many other events where our farm animals were in trouble. After my mother died, she left me a beautiful wooden box in her will. Inside the box was a large white feather … I knew now the meaning of the Pegasus and how it always appeared in times of trouble. I thought, I wished I had known of my mum’s super power. Then, I sighed and whispered to myself, WOW! AWESOME! It was my mum who fixed what seemed impossible! I closed my eyes and wondered if I too might have a super power!

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  1. We are very proud of our classmate Daisy. Her story was magnificent and was composed with beautiful vocabulary and gorgeous sentence construction.

    We love the mystery she created in her story and the way she ended up appreciating her mother.

    6 Latina
    Glenmore Rd Public School
    Paddington, NSW

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