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Book review: Drongoes

Drongoes by Christine Bongers, ill. Dan McGuiness, Omnibus Books, ISBN 9781862919822

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

Drongoes (cover)

Jack really wants to beat Rocket Robson in the cross-country race this year. Jack’s best mate Eric has a different goal — he just wants to finish the race for a change. (Eric gets asthma and has trouble breathing if he gets nervous or too tired.) They hatch a plan, to help each other with training so that they are as ready as they can be. The day of the race finally rolls around. Jack feels good. Eric feels optimistic. Rocket Robson is as nasty as ever …

Fun and action-packed, Drongoes is a bit like a famous fable (clever readers might recognise which one). The colour illustrations, in a cartoon/comic book style, really suit the story.

This is a new title in the Mates series of early chapter books.

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