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Tuesday Challenge – A list poem

Today’s challenge is to write a list poem. A list poem can be rhymed or unrhymed and usually involves a list (of course!) of items or activities linked to a theme or the title. I like list poems with a twist at the end and I also love the ones that include repetition (maybe each line of the poem begins the same way).

Check out this list poem Shel Silverstein wrote called ‘Sick’.

Here’s a site with some ideas for writing list poems. It even includes a ‘fill in the box’ method for writing your own poem. I tried it out and here’s what I came up with. (Mine rhymes but yours doesn’t have to!).

What’s in my head? by Rebecca Newman

Ideas for my project on Captain Cook

Places to search for my library book

Multiple strategies for tough maths questions

A list of birthday gift suggestions

The quickest way to pass Level 4

Directions to get to the lolly store

Twenty two quotes from Pencil of Doom!

(Too much to remember to clean my room.)

What would you write a list poem about? We’d love to read yours — if it’s OK with your parents/teacher, post your list poems in the comments below!*

~ Rebecca (Soup Blog’s editor) 

*G-rated poems by grownups also welcome, so ask your teacher or your grandma to join in …

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Challenge – A list poem”

  1. What’s in my Junk Box?

    What’s in my junk box?
    Two pink broken locks
    A poster of Despicable me Minions
    Sparkling glitter by the billions
    Old birthday cards
    Dead leaves from my backyard
    My old baby socks
    Mum says, “Tidy up your junk box!”

    But the real question is, “How??”

    1. Now THAT’S an interesting collection of things. (Tell your mum it’s more of a treasure box – it just depends how you look at it!)

  2. Here’s mine – The Beach
    I’m going to the beach with my grandma.
    We’re packing our bag for the day
    with sunglasses, swimmers
    and sunscreen of course
    plus lollies to eat on the way.
    A cushion for grandma
    a beach ball for me
    (I’ll blow it up when I get there)
    orange juice, water
    a bucket and spade
    and a swim cap to cover my hair.
    Some towels and a beach mat
    and sandwiches too,
    (choosing the fillings is hard)
    umbrellas and raincoats in case there’s a storm
    and of course grandma’s Seniors’ Card.
    Some money for ice creams
    a blanket for gran
    in case she’s a little bit cold,
    a camera, gran’s knitting,
    her spectacles too
    ‘cos she is just a little bit old.
    Some insect repellent,
    a box for the shells
    we’ll collect when we go for our walk
    and perhaps extra water to cool down our throats
    because we just talk, talk and talk.
    Tricia Simmons x

    1. Thanks for sharing your list poem, Tricia. (That’s an awfully large beach bag you’ve packed there!)
      It’s cold, windy and rainy in Perth right now. Beach season seems so far off …
      ~ Rebecca

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