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Tuesday Challenge – spine poem

Write a Book Spine Poem!

Here’s how:
Collect a number of books from your bookshelf and stack them in a pile. Read the titles aloud slowly, like a poem. You might want to change the order of a few of the books, or remove or add one or two books.

Here’s a short spine poem I constructed using books from my children’s bookshelves:

I went walking

All the way to WA

Good night, me

I went walking/All the way to WA/Goodnight me

If you have your parents’ permission, we’d love to read your spine poems in the comments below — you don’t have to post a photo, just write out the titles like I have above. I promise to try to guess the authors of each book! Grownups are welcome to share poems, too. (Soup Blog is G-rated.)

~ Rebecca

Until the end of August we’ll have a new poetry challenge every Tuesday.

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